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Dave Hirschfeld

Software Engineer & Quantitative Developer

About Me

An electrical engineer by training, my career has turned out to be focused around software development - most recently in the quantitative finance domain.

I'm a passionate exponent of Python as a programming language for quantitative/scientific development not the least because of the large ecosystem of open source scientific libraries and thriving community. Building on top of world-class code battle-tested by thousands of people worldwide allows you to focus on the value-added aspect of your job/industry without reinventing the wheel.

As a software engineer concerned with the the full lifecycle of code, maintenability is an extremely important aspect for me and Python's culture is as important in this regard as is its clear, concise and understandable syntax.

When not evangelising Python I occasionally program in C# and have maintained an interest in C++ despite not having found the need to resort to it for many years!